Read the instruction before you register!

Instruction for FREE Download

  1. To download the Free Basic Server Edition, you need to register.
  2. Choose “Customer Name” wisely, since this will represent your Company on our platform. Use: “YourCompanyName”.
  3. Use an email address that belongs to the company where you intend to use DigRealtime.
  4. Choose the country in which you are located, so that we can provide rapid support.
  5. When you have completed the registration, you can go ahead and download the Installer Software.
  6. Run the Installer on your server and follow the instructions. You need to fill in your Customer Name, email address and your password during the installation.
  7. When the installer has finished, go back to, and fill in the address to your server to activate your installation.
  8. Go to, and create additional users. Both Users and Configuration can be found in the CUSTOMER menu when logged in.
  9. Extract data from your data sources. See the manual. Please note that even if you run the DigRealtime web client from our servers, none of your data will ever end up at DigRealtime. We only provide the web client to your users. See the manual for more information on this.
  10. Build dashboards and reports.
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