Real-time Dashboard and Analytics Server
for Your Enterprise

Pull data from different data sources together in one place and easily create
interactive charts, tables, dashboards and analysis applications
for anything you need.

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I know, you just have 8 seconds to spare, but if you are serious about lowering you BI costs, and maybe switch from Qlik, Tableau or Microsoft BI because of cost, or because you need real-time, you should continue to read.

70% Lower Cost

We have on average a 70% lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) than any of the other systems, mainly due to much shorter implementation time, cheaper license fees and an overall simpler system. You should really try it out!

No Specialists Required

You don’t need specialists to set up the system. Cut and paste your SQL queries and you are good to go. Try for yourself! Need help?  Read the documentation, and if you get stuck, just send an email to:

Business Users Love It

Business people can actually create their own dashboards without the help from IT. This will save you tons of work. Yes, they need to get familiar with the web-app, and that takes somewhere from 5 – 15 minutes of supervised training.

Now what...

If this sounds interesting, please read on, spend more than 8 seconds, and don’t miss our documentation section. If you need help, we’re just an email away. Send it to 

We’re made in Sweden, the land of Skype, Spotify and Ikea.

Data From Many Data Sources

Collect and combine data from many data sources in one place. Tools included for ETL, Direct Polling and Streaming. Connect anything. Analyze anything.

Dashboards In Matter Of Minutes

Build and deploy real-time interactive dashboards in matter of minutes. Drag-and-drop widgets. Aggregate data directly in the dashboard.

Self-Service With Central Control

Allow your users to build their own dashboards from scratch, or tweak your templates, while you stay in control of governance.

Run in our cloud, or install on your own servers.
For CEO’s

Are you busy collecting reports from every corner of your organization, just to get on top of things? We can fix that for you!

  • Bring your KPI’s together in one place
  • Visualize opportunities and risks
  • Make better decisions by being well-informed
  • Act faster, and with higher precision
  • View your business in real-time
For CFO’s

Are you struggling delivering decision-friendly financial data in time to executives who need to make smart decisions every day?

  • Monitor the financial performance in real-time
  • Empower executives with intuitive visualizations
  • Connect your spreadsheets to see the full picture
  • Get your team aboard any situation, in real-time
  • Spot risks and opportunities before anyone else
For CIO’s

Is your organization struggling with endless report requests from business users? Are your reporting services falling apart, taking too much time?

  • Give people a tool to serve themselves
  • Stay in control, own the governance
  • Innovate by develop smart visualizations
  • Non-intrusive ultra-low-load data extraction
  • Simple to integrate with Active Directory
For Sales

Crush quotas with insights and detailed data from the whole sales process in context with metrics from other parts of your organization.

  • All your metrics in one place
  • Improved forecasting with drill-down data
  • Analyze your pipeline for opportunities
  • Mitigate risks earlier and close more deals
  • Follow up in real-time
For Marketing

How soon do you know if your campaigns work? How soon do you know the bottom-line results of your campaigns?

  • Combine campaign and channel metrics
  • Track ROI on every dollar spent
  • All your metrics in one place
  • Real-time visibility of the big picture
  • Faster decisions to optimize performance
For Customer Support

Serve your customers faster by knowing everything about them, and their case, before they even contact you.

  • All records of the customer in one place
  • Analyze their needs
  • See their complete story with you
  • Track your performance
  • Improve your offerings

Start Now. It’s FREE.

Our Basic Server Edition is free. All dashboard- and report features included.
Ask someone from your IT department to download our server software and set it up for you.
Want us to set up the system for you on your servers?

If you don’t have the time to read manuals, install the software on your servers, set up the data extraction pipelines and build the first set of dashboards, we are happy to help. For a fixed price, we will get you up and running in no time. The price is the same for the Free Basic Edition and the Pro Edition.

Getting Started Package
Free Basic vs. Pro Edition

The Free Basic edition has the same features as the Pro edition, except for enterprise rights management and Active Directory integration.

Get The Free Basic Server Edition.